Business Intelligence on the iPad

Updated: 28th Jan 2011

Having had the pleasure of using an iPad over the Xmas/New Year break, I thought it would be of interest to review what ‘apps’ are available to enable Business Intelligence on the iPad.

Vendor Software Demo Video Notes
SAP Business Objects SAP Business Objects Explorer for iPhone (app store) SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPad Demo  
Microstrategy Microstrategy Mobile (vendor)Microstrategy Mobile for iPad (app store) Microstrategy Mobile This looks a very complete offering.  The software is free and they even provide a day’s worth of free training to get you started.  I will be investigating this further.
IBM IBM Cognos Mobile (vendor)   IBM Cognos Version 10.  Runs inside safari, but developed for the iPad.
Qlikview Qlikview for Mobile (vendor)Qlikview (app store) Qlikview for the iPad  
MeLLmo Roambi on the iPad (vendor)Roambi – Visualizer (app store) Roambi on the iPad Provides a very polished looking user experience, just the way that apple intended the iPad to be used.
Pentaho Pentaho on the iPad (vendor) Pentaho on the iPad BI for the iPad from a leading open source vendor.
Yellowfin Mobile BI (vendor)Yellowfin (app store) Yellowfin  
PushBI PushBI (vendor)PushBI Mobile Business Intelligence (app store) PushBI – Mobile Business Intelligence for Apple iPad Nice software, but take a coffee before watching the video!
TARGIT iTop (vendor)TARGIT iTop (app store)    
Actuate BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone (vendor)BIRT Mobile Viewer (app store) BIRT Mobile for the iPhone More of a viewer than a full BI app for the iPad.
Analytics App Analytics App (app store)   For google analytics only
Tibco Spotfire on the iPad (vendor)   This isn’t a iPad app it just shows how you can use a web browser to access spotfire, yet it’s sold as Spotfire on the iPad!
SAS SAS Mobile (vendor)   Due for release in Mid 2011
Prelytis Prelytis LiveDashBoard (vendor) Prelytis LiveDashBoard Viewer not a true iPad app, run in Safari
Oracle Oracle Business Indicators (vendor)Oracle Business Indicators (app store)    
DSPanel Performance Canvas (vendor)    

Some of the newer vendors like Roambi, may have the upper hand in creating a visually and engaging experience, as their software architecture is purpose-built from the ground up for the iPad rather than an addition to an existing BI product line. For the moment I’d pick Microstrategy and RoamBI to evaluate further, with RoamBI being used for a proof of concept/’selling the sizzle’.

From what I’ve seen so far the iPad looks very well suited for ‘dashboards’, but then that’s probably not a big surprise, and there are definitely certain industry sectors where it will work well; one being the Wealth Management industry which I’ve worked in, where presentation and reporting can make or break a client signing up and remaining with the wealth manager.  You could imagine how well a meeting is going to go between a client and a private banker, where the private banker is able to run through the clients portfolio using the BI app on the iPad.  That’s going to look pretty damn good, and even better if the client can access the same information via their iPad after the meeting.  In fact any meeting where you want to show information to another person, and in particular a client or prospect, the iPad is going to win hands down, lets hear it for the end of those dull power point client facing meetings!

Articles of interest:

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iPad: What It Means for Visually Interactive Business Intelligence


I’m planning to try to keep this post up to date, so do let me know if I have missed off vendors.  You may also want to comment on whether the software works or not, any success stories or other links of interest.


About Andy Painter

A passionate Information and Data Architect with experience of the financial services industry, Andy’s background spans pharmaceuticals, publishing, e-commerce, retail banking and insurance, but always with a focus on data. One of Andy’s principle philosophies is that data is a key business asset.
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