Information Management Announces 40 Vendors They Are Watching

Information Management has released its first annual list of 40 vendors to watch in 2010.

There are so many opportunities in information management right now that we’re seeing a market of more startups and business models than ever before. That led to our decision to pick 40 to watch, but it’s not a bad thing to say there are many more interesting stories than we can document here.

Our choices are based mostly on buzz from customers and analysts, and just like you, we find some sources more trustworthy and even-handed than others. Where their ideas mirrored our findings, we were that much more comfortable. It was much easier to populate this list than it was to decide what to leave off it. Some hot categories can’t be fairly looked at without standalone coverage. How do we address data appliances and the performance gains in Greenplum (soon to be the property of EMC) without mentioning developments at Netezza, ParAccel, Kickfire, Dataupia, etc.? With a couple of exceptions, we also stayed away from high-performance database software vendors we know are growing rapidly but are better judged by readers on the merits of their unique approaches and use cases. In open source, we touched on a few outfits for tackling collaboration, ECM and MDM, but we know there’s real BI traction growing for Actuate, Jaspersoft and Pentaho.

We noticed emerging areas of commodity services for software and infrastructure management or virtualization or social CRM. Others are adding new dimensions of visualization or tying external events to forecasting and visualization. We’ll buy part of this as expected maturing and concede that other areas still need to prove worthy as categories of products or services.

In one sense, the 40 We’re Watching are companies too hot to be acquired – yet. But we also lost likely nominees that brought the right price from enterprise vendors. One of these was Cast Iron Systems, bought by IBM. Jigsaw was another, bought by, which itself is tricky to track as an entity and a network all at once. So enjoy our list while knowing it’s not exhaustive or complete. The order is random and not categorized.

For what it’s worth, two vendors give the nation of Denmark a disproportionate 5 percent of the total. With tidbits like that, we prefer to call the 40 a conversation starter based on our own discussions and observations. We know you’ll be adding your opinions to our list for next year. In the meantime, share your opinions in our discussion thread here.

Click on each name below to see what these vendors do and why they are hot enough to make our list. Or you can just start the slide show here.

 Algebraix Data  WhereScape  Syncsort  SwiftKnowledge
 Tableau Software  Kapow Technologies  Birst  GoodData
 Stibo Systems  Mashery  Pervasive Software  Xangati
 Daptiv  nCircle  Digital Reef  SnapLogic
 Callidus Software  Platon  Talend  Sonoa Systems
 MindTouch  Coupa  Aravo  Zoho  SuccessFactors  Alfresco  Denodo
 Global IDs  Saba  Sonian  Expressor Software
 Sonamine  Radian6  Space-Time Insight  Nuxeo
 Lyzasoft  Appirio  Zettapoint  Aster Data

About Andy Painter

A passionate Information and Data Architect with experience of the financial services industry, Andy’s background spans pharmaceuticals, publishing, e-commerce, retail banking and insurance, but always with a focus on data. One of Andy’s principle philosophies is that data is a key business asset.
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