GoodData Helps Solution Providers Extend Cloud Business Intelligence Platform

New Program Enables Companies to Deliver Customer Analytics Solutions

GoodData today announced the launch of the GoodData Solution Provider Program, the next step in the company’s mission to broaden the adoption of SaaS business intelligence. With over 100 new users registering with GoodData each week, customers are beginning to access reporting and analytics services historically reserved for companies with dedicated BI staff.

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“GoodData uses cloud computing to fix the broken economics of business intelligence,” said Roman Stanek, GoodData Founder and CEO. “We are looking for partners who share this vision, and can help move our customers from initial success to broader adoption.”

The GoodData Solution Provider Program provides system integrators, implementation providers and independent software vendors technical assistance and go-to-market support to deliver customer analytics solutions to their clients. GoodData’s initial solution provider partners have built emerging cloud computing practices, and recognize Cloud BI as the perfect complement and extension to their businesses:

   •   Aiimi Limited, a UK specialist business consultant and leading provider of business intelligence solutions delivered via Software as a Service, supporting SME and Enterprise businesses across all sectors.
   •   Cazoomi empowers its users with the freedom of choice in Software-as-a-Service. Cazoomi’s innovative “My Automated Engineer” provides customers with the ability to self design & quote over 50 of today’s leading SaaS applications such as GoodData.
   •   CloudTrigger, a multi-discipline services firm focusing on Salesforce CRM, development, SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud Computing technologies to help organizations of all sizes realize more business value from their technology investments.
   •   Demand Solutions Group, which provides businesses with on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource management (ERP), and eBusiness solutions.
   •   Edge Solutions, a software and solutions company dedicated to helping organizations gain better insight into their business, improving decision-making and enterprise performance.
   •   Mansa Systems, an enterprise application services provider with core competencies in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Applications Implementation, Cloud Application Development, Data Management, Business Intelligence and Mobile Application Development.
   •   Project Leadership Associates, whose Business Intelligence Practice Group helps companies get the most from their data assets by building business driven solutions.
   •   Severn Consulting, a leading integrator providing services to nonprofit & commercial organizations. Services include data conversion & integration, process documentation, business intelligence – reporting and analysis, configuration & support.

“Driven by budgetary pressures in a demanding economy and the increased complexity of traditional Business Intelligence deployments, our clients are taking a huge interest in Software as a Service BI solutions as a more cost-effective, lower maintenance option to conventional analytics software” says Richard Day, Director at Aiimi.

“Business Intelligence is at the core of Cazoomi,” said Mike Bullen,. “GoodData provides us with the killer data, analysis, and cutting edge dashboards that our customers require to run their modern businesses”

“GoodData delivers BI in a SaaS model, which is a great fit for CloudTrigger and our customers,” said Lonnie M. Wills, CEO of CloudTrigger. “GoodData’s combination of easy-to-build dashboards and deep analytics is a powerful combination for companies leveraging SaaS and cloud computing.”

“Our and NetSuite customers are clamoring for an analytics solution that will go well beyond standard reporting,” said Todd Fitzwater, Principal of Demand Solutions Group. “GoodData helps us deliver analytics cost effectively, and provides one of the most exciting user experiences we’ve seen in this space.”

“GoodData’s on-demand business intelligence model helps us meet customer requirements faster,” said Nathan Wenzel, Partner at Edge Solutions, Inc. “All BI software should be as easy to work with as GoodData.”

“My clients are clamoring for greater insight into their customer relationships – more reports, dashboards and the ability to drill into their customer data” said Siva Devaki, Founder and CEO of Mansa Systems. “GoodData helps me deliver customer analytics in the cloud and extend my own business.”

“We are excited about bringing the Good Data platform to our customers,” said Andrew Grohe at Project Leadership Associates. “It will provide them with a scalable, cost-effective deployment path for their Business Intelligence projects.”

“Our clients immediately see the vision and value in GoodData,” said Catherine Folkes, Partner at Severn Consulting Group. “The combination of data integration and collaboration allow to them to spend their time evaluating their data for better results were in the past their efforts would have been in buying, creating and building the infrastructure. So often by the time they were done building the infrastructure, it was too late to react to the results.”

About GoodData:
GoodData is the first business intelligence company born in the cloud. Our Cloud BI Platform encourages companies to take an agile approach to customer analytics by making it easy to access and analyze the data that defines customer relationships across marketing, selling and servicing. It may sound complex, but unlike a lot of business intelligence, GoodData is free to start, simple to use, and costs a lot less than you think. GoodData is headquartered in San Francisco and located in the cloud at


About Andy Painter

A passionate Information and Data Architect with experience of the financial services industry, Andy’s background spans pharmaceuticals, publishing, e-commerce, retail banking and insurance, but always with a focus on data. One of Andy’s principle philosophies is that data is a key business asset.
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