Hilton makes use of real-time information for its new website

BusinessAnalyticsNews.com writes:

Hilton Hotels has made use of customer insight technology and real-time information to improve CRM and analyse customer interaction on its new website.

The hospitality company, which chose to work with Speed-Trap, relied on real-time information to identify and fix potential CRM problems in the website, “one of which could have led to lost revenues of over $3 million per year”.

The objective was to follow all customer clicks and dig down into the performance differences of the two sites. For a period of 10 months, Hilton ran a new design of website alongside its current one, diverting random samples of visitors to the new site, so that its usability and the paths through the site could be live-tested. Through this initiative, the company was able to identify multiple issues of varying severity and address these CRM issues prior to launching the new site.

Hilton identified a need to run session monitoring software. It chose to measure the usage trends and the overall conversion through its booking system. One major issue that was revealed was that on both the old and new sites an incorrect error message was frequently displayed during the booking process. Instead of notifying the customer that a certain room rate was unavailable on the day they selected and re-directing them to select another option, a generic fault message was posted which unintentionally caused visitors to leave the site. By  fixing this usability problem, the team could also immediately test and gather data on the results.


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A passionate Information and Data Architect with experience of the financial services industry, Andy’s background spans pharmaceuticals, publishing, e-commerce, retail banking and insurance, but always with a focus on data. One of Andy’s principle philosophies is that data is a key business asset.
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One Response to Hilton makes use of real-time information for its new website

  1. Andy Painter says:

    What a great example of using real-time analytics, and for this reason Hilton Hotels makes my list of ‘Intelligent Enterprises’.

    SpeedTrap has been a market leader in the space for a while and it’s worth considering if you want to go down a real-time analysis of your web site usage – more details at: http:\\www.speed-trap.com

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