Leading cloud and BI vendors offer first end-to-end solution for agile analytics on the cloud

Jaspersoft, Talend, RightScale, and Vertica have teamed up to offer a joint solution stack that delivers complete Business Intelligence (BI) in the cloud.

With the push of a button, users can now easily implement sophisticated BI on the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. Instead of using precious time on the task of integrating a variety of technologies to build a complete BI stack, the solutions from Jaspersoft, Talend and Vertica can be automatically configured. This self-service, pay-as-you-go BI solution gives customers the agility to affordably build and use analytic sandboxes and disposable data marts as well as gain intelligence on a wide range of data, including brief or seasonal projects.

The beauty of the cloud BI stack is its low cost barrier, without having to sacrifice performance or functionality. No huge investments in hardware, staff and other resources are required to get a scalable, end-to-end enterprise BI solution delivering results on the first day of business.

The convergence of the Cloud, Open Source, and specialized analytic databases has brought a new world of possibilities to businesses. No longer are dedicated hardware and software required to meet ad hoc or unpredictable BI requirements. The combination of these technologies running in the cloud will enable organizations to:

  • Create analytical sandboxes on demand to optimize response to sudden market changes
  • Offload expensive processing from overburdened data warehouses and avoid costly upgrades
  • Prototype new proof-of-concept BI applications without purchasing and implementing new data center infrastructure
  • Run full business intelligence and data warehousing for existing cloud applications entirely in the cloud
  • Generate executive level support for a full BI initative via creating a prototype

Jaspersoft, CEO, Brian Gentile, commented, “What our cloud BI solution will bring is an added layer of agility for businesses that want some level of analytics, but who don’t want to wait months or dedicate resources to evaluating and deploying a BI solution.

If you want to start a new project, just fire it up. If you want to scale, we scale. If you’re done with the project in a month or two, just stop–you haven’t had to invest in significant software or hardware infrastructure costs.”

To sign up for a free 30-day trial, visit: http://www.rightscale.com/BI

I’d be very interested to get comments back about the service.


About Andy Painter

A passionate Information and Data Architect with experience of the financial services industry, Andy’s background spans pharmaceuticals, publishing, e-commerce, retail banking and insurance, but always with a focus on data. One of Andy’s principle philosophies is that data is a key business asset.
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