Infobright and Jaspersoft Announce an Integrated Virtual Machine Download

Infobright, an open source data warehousing company and Jaspersoft announced the availability of an integrated virtual machine download. This open source bundle is free and it includes Infobright’s analytic database and Jaspersoft’s business intelligence (BI) software. It is expected to help users deploy and complete analytic solutions rapidly.
Jaspersoft specializes in business intelligence software. Its open source business intelligence suite is used by several companies worldwide. The company’s BI Suite provides a Web-based, open and modular solution which caters to the business intelligence needs of an enterprise.
The downloadable bundle includes Infobright Community Edition (ICE) which is optimized for analytic applications and data warehousing deployments. The robust open-source column-store database is highly scalable, easy to manage and it is capable of delivering superior query performance without administrative effort.
The JasperServer Community Edition is a report server delivering pixel-perfect reports, dashboards, a secure report repository and report scheduling. The JasperAnalysis Community Edition is an OLAP server which allows business analysts or executives to examine data thoroughly to discover trends in data like sales across regions and time.
The integrated virtual machine follows a joint open source project which was launched this year on the JasperForge. The project has information and forums offering an end-to-end open source analytic solution. The forums can be visited by users of the new virtual machine to get more information on deployment options and find out about various upgrade options, said the companies.
“This integrated download makes it simple for users to immediately deploy a full-featured reporting and analytics system with a highly scalable database,” said Brian Gentile, CEO and president of Jaspersoft. “Companies that require more advanced capabilities or support can easily upgrade to the low-cost commercial versions of these products, saving time and money as compared to proprietary products.”
Infobright is an open source warehousing company which developed the self-managing analytic database software. The demand for business intelligence along with proliferation of corporate data in much more compared to IT resources and budgets of many companies. The Infobright technology delivers a highly scalable analytic database which reduces ongoing management by nearly 90 percent besides being cost effective.
The company’s solutions are used by clients for online marketing, financial services and telecommunications needs. Many industries use it to provide rapid access to critical business data with operational simplicity.

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A passionate Information and Data Architect with experience of the financial services industry, Andy’s background spans pharmaceuticals, publishing, e-commerce, retail banking and insurance, but always with a focus on data. One of Andy’s principle philosophies is that data is a key business asset.
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